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The illumination work was wonderful as it helped me to experience the burning away of my negative energies. Rita is wonderful.

Walter P.

Working with Rita helped me get to the core of a key issue in my life in a surprisingly gentle manner. Her highly developed intuitive and energetic skills, together with her caring presence and skillful listening, guided me into an experience of palpable inner shifts that have powerfully impacted my external life.

It is wonderful to work with someone grounded in the shamanic tradition…very useful work!

Mike Cohen M.A.

Leadership Coach, Somatic Bodyworker

Thank you for putting me back together during our session. I went home rested and began to feel like my normal self. I also regained clarity in my thinking. I really appreciated the generosity of the long session. We will work together again soon.

Valerie C.

Nurse and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

After working with Rita, I decided to reclaim my voice and the ability to express myself. This has led to an increase of living my life by my own terms. Thankyou Rita!

Karenna J.